BEAUTY the Guide - January 2018

BEAUTY RE -FRESH BEAUTYTREND N ot too long ago, while reminiscing over a glass of champagne at my home in London, one of my friends from school told me that my dressing table was one of her favourite places during our teen years. As a budding makeup artist, I loved teaching my friends about products and makeup techniques. I have always been fascinated by what happens to a woman when she learns how to apply makeup well, and I’ve heard so many tales from my clients about how a little bit of well-applied product can give them a lift. A new mum can get a huge boost when her friends say, “wow, you look really good”, even thought she hasn’t slept for weeks. A woman celebrating her 60 th birthday will feel fantastic when she sees her skin glowing. Here are the top tips that I share with my clients to make them feel like a makeup master. TOP U.K. MAKEUP ARTIST NINA WESTBURY SHARES SOME OF HER VERY BEST PRO TIPS TO BRING YOUR LOOK TO THE NEXT LEVEL – IN MINUTES. ALEXEI HAY / TRUNK ARCHIVE